Wedding Reception Catering

We realize that your wedding is one of the most important days of your life – and we treat it with the respect it deserves. Delicious food served on time in a beautiful setting is what we promise and deliver. We offer wedding catering services throughout the Bay Area.

Wedding Catering Setting

Wedding Catering Setting

As one of the most important life events, catering a wedding is no casual affair. It demands attention to detail and timing, as well as coordination not only with the bride and groom, but with other vendors – such as the DJs and photographers. It is also a long catering job – even if the reception is only four or five hours. Preparations for a formal wedding start days ahead of time. But the reward is a wedding reception that will be remembered for a lifetime. It’s a happy time, and we love to be wedding reception caterers.

While a traditional sit down meal continues to be the most popular option, hot buffet at a wedding reception is gaining more and more interest. Particularly for the active sports enthusiasts, weddings in natural settings are becoming the norm.

For beach or outdoor weddings, hot buffet is a perfect match. When done right, it can be just as memorable as a sit down dinner, yet it opens up an almost infinite range of venues. As long as the caterer can drive to the location, hot buffet is a viable option. In addition to opening up a host of new venues, this option is also less expensive, while it provides more flexibility.

Having said all that, we realize that only you know what your wedding should look like – that’s why we will sit down with you and find out the details, assist with setting and food selection, and deliver delicious and beautiful food on time, as promised.  Call us at 510-889-1223 and we will be happy to assist you right away.