Anniversary Catering

Catering is a great choice for anniversaries. We take care of the food so you can concentrate on the celebrations and the special time with family and friends. Anniversary is a time to rejoice, not to worry about peeling potatoes, cooking, or table settings.

Anniversary Catering Setting

Anniversary Catering Setting

East Bay catering is our specialty, from a small gathering of friends, to big anniversary parties for extended families and guests. Delicious food on time is what we promise and deliver.

We can start with tasty appetizers, with a variety that will amaze your guests. Among the appetizers we offer, you will find various meat platters, chicken liver pate, cold smoked whole sturgeon, smoked eel on a bed of seaweed salad, smoked salmon rolls, crepes and red caviar platter. More choices can be found on our  Appetizers Menu.

When it’s time for the main course, your choices span a gamut of European foods. They can be as varied as poached sturgeon, roasted lamb, chicken tabaka, roasted duck with baked apples, beef stroganoff, or the familiar filet mignon, to name just a few. Complete list is on our  Main Course Menu.

Depending on the occasion, you may wish to offer your guests European wines and champagnes. If the occasion is less formal, we offer a variety of European beer as well.

Sweet desserts come in variety of shapes and sizes, and we offer a wide choice of desserts – distinctly European, as well as the more familiar ones. Our Napoleon cake is considered the best in the Bay Area.

One aspect of catering that is gaining popularity is hot buffet catering – guests serve themselves, or we can provide servers who will load up plates will delicious food. Hot buffet approach combines economy with wide variety of food choices. It also provides much more flexibility as to the venue – unlike a formal sit down dinner, hot buffet can be set up on the beach, at a park, anywhere a caterer can get to in a car.

Whether you are thinking about a formal, sit down catered dinner, or a more informal event, we will be happy to assist you with the choice of food, settings, and any special needs – be it vegetarian food or taking into account any food allergies. Call us at 510-889-1223. We are here for you!

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